Heading forward

Well we guess someone had to do it.

We made life hard for ourselves when we decided to make a monoblock directional wheel. It hasn't been the easiest project so far. All other directional wheels out there are only in 3pc and with a huge price tag. So we managed to produce a monoblock directional wheel, which all 4 wheels are different. This allows you to achieve different looks with one set of wheels. You can run the front wheels facing backwards or forwards and the same for the rears.

Behind the Design and Details

We have included the 3SDM logo which has been stamped into one of the spokes, as a unique approach to our design. The diamond cut finish on this wheel stands out hugely and it's very hard to miss, especially when the sun hits them! Most companies offer a directional design in a three piece setup, so we are very happy to be able to present a well priced and great design, without breaking the bank.


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